Aerial trips of the Grand Day of Valetine from Vegas and South Rim

Ready to mix a small romantic adventure on Valentine's Day? A great way to do it is with a getaway that includes an airplane trip through the Grand Canyon. You can take one of these flights from Arizona, which is close to South Rim and Las Vegas. Valentine's Day is a popular time for hikes, so it is important that your trip is booked as soon as possible, while there are still open seats.

Fly to Las Vegas

Air travel from Las Vegas goes to West Rim and to Tusayan, Arizona, which is the gateway to the south bank. The planes that leave Las Vegas follow a flight that overflows Mead Lake and the massive dam of Hoover. If you take a tour of the South River, you will also see a part of Arizona while your plane leaves Vegas.

You can take a unique route in the west area or a landing excursion. There are several fun things to do at the Canyon, so it is advisable to reserve a landing route.

Although the aircraft land at the top of the West River, you can transfer to a helicopter and descend to the bottom of the canyon if you wish. When you reach the bottom of the ravine, you will have the opportunity to participate in a romantic champagne picnic and a tour of the Colorado River. If you do not want to go to the bottom of the ravine, you will still find many things to do at the top of the edge, for example, wherever the Skywalk is. When you are on foot to Skywalk, you are suspended 4,000 feet above the ravine floor on a glass bridge that stands 70 meters from the edge of the canyon.

Flights from South Rim

Although you can not take a tour of the South River, you will see some of the most spectacular landscapes in the entire park when you go. The flight from Las Vegas to the South Coast takes a little less than an hour. When you really start your excursion to South Rim you will have 50 minutes flight time visiting the points of interest in the ravine. Aircraft routes and helicopters on the southern edge follow the same flight route, but airplanes need to fly higher. You will see a lot in this route because it flies above 75% of the national park.

If you want to see the nearby South River, you can add a bus route that will take you to a tour of the park for approximately two and a half hours. You will see the most important places of interest in the park and will stop you for fantastic photography opportunities. You have the opportunity to create the ideal route and you can even combine them by flying outside of Las Vegas and adding a helicopter tour through the south and a bus ride through the park before returning to Las Vegas. .

Suited to be hot

Since it is cold in the Canyon at this time of year, it is best to dress in layers and make a jacket if you are going to land. Another thing to know is that the southern edge is much cooler than the west coast because the southern edge is at a higher altitude.

Book The Tour In Advance

Holidays, including Valentine's Day, are very popular moments for hiking the Canyon. Visits to both South Rim and West Rim should be booked as soon as possible. Because the outings can be exhausted, we want your tour to get about two weeks ahead. If you pay your tour online with your credit card, you will get immediate confirmation of your seats, and not only that, you can take advantage of the lowest prices when you buy your trip online.

To wrap around

An airplane trip is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. You and your loved one will enjoy the adventure and romance of a getaway that includes a spectacular scenery for one of the most beautiful places in a land. With all the options available, you'll surely find a route that fits your budget, especially if you book in advance and do it online. One of the best accessories for a trip to the west is the helicopter trip to the canyon floor. If instead of taking a trip on the South River, you want to take the longest flight that will take you to an extensive route through the park lands. All the aerial visits you choose will offer spectacular views and will make Valentine's Day a memorable occasion that you will never forget.