Regulations on ice and liquid on an airplane


When you're packing to make a trip, your flight will be very different from what you are doing to make a trip. Most of the reasons have to be obvious, but after having flown many times, I have come across many people who have never flown before or do not know exactly what they can and can not bring. The greatest that got me when I started flying is liquid regulation, which probably is the same as most people get.

I had a long night and a long flight, so I brought several drinks of coffee, energy drinks and sports drinks. No, I did not intend to drink them all during the flight, but there were also some days for the next pair. When I checked my bag, I learned that I had to throw them all! Because? Well, I do not know exactly, but none of the airlines let you have more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of liquid or ice in another place. However, it is possible that you put the largest ones in checked baggage; If you do this, make sure that you wrap them in some type of plastic sack if they are seen to open.

It is allowed to carry containers of 3.4 oz or more that you have in a plastic bag of 1 quarter of clear size, but you can only have one liter per person. There is an exception in which you can bring a container of ice or larger liquid in a port, and this is a recipe. Therefore, if you have a recipe that you are thinking about moving forward, be sure to have it in the recipe so that they can see the recipe label.

This is the last liquid regulation that got me. Some make sense according to the previous regulations that I have just mentioned, but the other half does not. I did not really think I was drinking a drink and I would not have finished getting to the security checkpoint. I went all the way, despite the fact that all the security control had to unpack everything, then the security guard told me that he should shed the refreshment or, if he wanted to finish it, he would have to review the whole process. including my luggage! I thought it was completely strange that my luggage would have to go back to doing the whole process and not just that I would walk through the scanner again.

To do this, be prepared before the scanned bags at the airport help you save time, money and frustration. I hope this helps and has a safe trip.