Top 5 winter destinations in South America


Winter vacations in South America allow you to experience the heat of summer with a shining sun and greater open accessibility. The moment in which the fresh and snowy breezes make headlines around the world, the South American region becomes a paradise with its spectacular weather conditions and amazing activities. For this reason, this part of the Americas becomes more incredible and wished by many tourists during the winter season. In case you are also planning to move away from the cold, chilling weather in the northern region, you should probably consider the following options for a sunny, bright and pleasant holiday instead of refreshing, dreaming, and getting into home:

1. National Park of the Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela

Among the most fascinating and captivating getaways in Venezuela, the National Park of the Los Roques Archipelago is a fascinating and captivating atoll in the Caribbean Sea, initially opened as a reserve of a multitude of flowers and fauna in the region. Today, this place has become a fantastic tourist spot and people enjoy their visit during the year to make visits, exquisite adventures and much more. Plan your winter vacations here and assist in the charming selection of wild landscapes including coral reefs, sea turtles, grassland, islands, beaches and much more during sunny and sunny days.

2. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

People who are looking for an adventure during winter vacations and like to stay away from the chilling breeze will find a prosperous place for their vacations in San Carlos de Bariloche. An outstanding adventure spot in the region of Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche is a picturesque set of lands that participate in steep mountains, rocky lands, plains, green lands, exquisite blue lakes and much more. Tons of people are heading during the winter season to be part of a wide range of adventure sports organized here like rafting, rock climbing, camping, racking, scuba diving and much more. In addition, the proximity of nearby cities makes it easily accessible and enjoyable for soloists, couples, families and groups.

3. Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Visit Puerto Maldonado and the next time you listen to Peru, you will not remember the famous Machu Picchu, since the charm will delimit the heart for eternity. Among the most spectacular ecosystems in the whole region, Puerto Maldonado is a prosperous getaway option for a serious outing of wildlife and a testament to the beauty of nature. With a wide variety of landscapes and natural attributes, such as river systems, thick forests, vast plains and cliffs, and much more, Puerto Maldonado is one of the most captivating places for a quality wildlife safari in South America and a lot of camping. The amazonian forests of Puerto Maldonado will give you a lot of illustrative experience for the rest of eternity.

4. Stay, Uruguay

Many people do not find Uruguay as a vacation spot, but if you are aware of the diversity offered by this part of South America, surely consider Estancias as the next winter breaks. The most amazing beauty in the region is the livestock farms that have existed for centuries and are transmitted from generation to generation to maintain the essence and purity of livestock livestock. In recent years, many people have begun to visit here to make winter breaks and spend a bit of quality in the refreshing environment. Here you will find a lot of people who denote Stances like Switzerland in South America. In addition, the discount prices for the region will give you another reason to visit it.

5. Valle de Cocora, Salento, Colombia

The green cliffs, an extraordinary freshness and a peaceful atmosphere, all you need for a peaceful getaway during the winter season is available in Valle de Cocora. Valle de Cocora, a spectacular virgin area of ​​Colombia, is a vast uninhabited valley, with a great variety and variety of hiking trails. Thanks to its proximity to Andean volcanoes, this site has been treated as a natural blow from the sky and giving people a fascinating experience with many hiking options. In addition, the highest palm trees in the world have been catching the attention of world tourists and giving many hopes to the people.

Near the South American region is much more than just return areas and limited attractions for many of us who often find more attractive landscapes. In case you are also looking for something different for this year and expect hot, sunny days with a lot of nature and culture to immerse yourself, you should probably consider the extravagant attributes of South America. Note that there are a large number of winter travel deals that arise on the Internet and are very promising especially for the southern region. All you need is to get one and plan your vacation for more fun, calm and joy in your life.