Get perfumes through security: is the perfume allowed through airport security?


Preparing to travel can be a very long and a bit stressful effort. With so many rules and rules that you can and can not carry on board, you want to make sure that you have packaged correctly before leaving the airport. You do not want to risk taking the airline's safety for something like a bottle of perfume and then losing your flight. Keeping up to date with the latest airline safety regulations on perfumes will allow you to pack carefully before leaving to the airport. The following are the rules of the Travel Safety Administration on the perfume.

There is a very simple formula for hand luggage set by the TSA. Rule 3-1-1 is called. This rule allows you to only carry liquids, gels and aerosols in a 3-unit container. You must store it in a plastic zipper bag of a quarter (one liter). This includes scented oils, creams and perfumes. The limit is 100 ml per container. Therefore, if your perfume bottle or cologne is lower than this, you should not have any problems. The Calvin Klein perfume CKOne, for example, is 3.4 oz. You will probably not be able to leave with this type of bottle.

Generally, most aerosols are prohibited, unless they are toiletries, such as deodorants or perfumes. The TSA regulates that aerosols are prohibited except for personal hygiene items. You can even bring water or coffee or any other drink to the plane as long as it adapts to the zipper bag. The truth is that it is likely that you can even leave with a slightly larger bottle, which probably will not verify the exact size written in the bottle. Most regular perfume bottles are much smaller than a quarter. With other toiletries, however, it is best that you have travel-size items, such as shampoo and toothpaste, or pack it in the bag you are registering, if you have one. Otherwise, you will have to buy them at your destination. Personally, I do not even use the zipper bag. I just put all my toiletries in a small plastic bag and the link very well. But if you want to be sure, place your perfume and other toiletries in the freezer bag, and then dispose it with a T-shirt or a small towel so they do not break your luggage.

It may also depend on the airline you are taking. Different airlines may differ somewhat from their safety regulations. It would be advisable to call your airline in advance and request the policies of perfumery and other small bottles, search your policy on your website. If you are using a travel agent, you will know the different regulations of the airlines.

Leave yourself enough time to register. The TSA recommends that those who travel abroad arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight. Allow yourself a little more time to travel internationally.