Vegas Beyond Today and Tomorrow at the New M Resort and Casino


Las Vegas has always been a value. Extraordinary hours have been building mega casinos, with literally thousands of rooms and thousands of square feet, and people have loved it. City Center, is an investment of one billion dollars, with more than half of the money coming from Dubai, to finance the project, which belonged to my MGM.

With the current economy, and most major resort casinos, losing money, go bankrupt and loans are made because most casinos, with their current debt burden unable to pay, are looking for ways Alternatives to keep the crowds and get benefits.

One of these new casino is the new M and tourism complex, which opened last month in the south of the strip, even beyond the complex and the Southpoint casino. The complex "M" is very unique and perhaps an indication of the wave of the future. For example, have you heard of a casino, anywhere in the world, that you had a pharmacy totally on the edge of the staff, next to slot machines? Yes, surely, here is next to the sound of these winning slot machines, on the casino floor. The name of the sky is a pharmacy that makes a casino, maybe you will ask. Well, people, the demography of America and the total population changes. There are more and more people who grow older and no longer want multiple mega casinos that were built in the 80s and 90s.

The elderly, they want a more closed casino, where they do not have to walk a mile to reach their destination, often just a bathroom, take several blocks of the city in a mega casino. And as for the pharmacy, you know how many older people, have a bit of a prescription, millions of us, a definitive advantage for the new "M" that will lead them to repeat business because they have been the main runner in # 39 ; this new era.

They also have a buffet, which after 40 years, coming to Las Vegas and eating in almost all the city's buffets, including the new Wynn, gives way to all the buffets of this city, in price, service, selection and surroundings of the surroundings. Ambience in the M. buffet. Believe that they serve quality beer and wine, along with a buffet selection of more than 100 dishes from around the world, including a mini sushi selection. By the way, I mentioned the dessert bar, with a selection of the best desserts in the world. I mentioned, fresh cooked bread bread — Wow, just a 5 star place, at a price of one star! The modern graphics that move over the walls of the buffet are like no other, you've seen it.

This place has even a winery, like any other country, including the wine area of ​​the Napa Valley in California. Sometimes a wine has been tested, sold in 1, 2 or 3 ounces, sold with a credit card. Just place your credit card in the vintage wine bottle you choose, press the button and, at your disposal, you offer your selection of quality wines for your taste buds, not to mention a relaxing atmosphere to relax.

I was able to go ahead and enjoy this complex again. I mentioned the only one, I serve from your bar to the water and the soda in the center of the casino, like any other in Las Vegas.

In conclusion, the "M" is really, the new wave of the future for Las Vegas, a 5-star site, with a one-star budget, recommends it without reservation.