Why do you need a limousine service at Toronto Airport?


Once you reach Toronto Airport, there are many options to reach your destination. However, Limo's services give you a high travel experience. Yes, you can save a lot of money when traveling by bus. However, what happens if you have an urgent business meeting? Time can be an important factor and you need to hire a limousine service to get to your destination on time.

Where can you get them?

Here are the specific locations where you can hire the limousines. You can easily download through these terminals and hire your limousine.

· Terminal 1 (domestic) – Area B1

· Terminal 1 (international) – D3

· Terminal 3 (domestic) – Post 19

· Terminal 3 (International) – Post 35

Book in advance

Pre-booking is not required for those leaving the airport. But to pre-organize a limousine service to return to the Toronto airport, you can consult any limo company. Upon arrival, you only have to inform the dealer of Terminal 1: Porta B3 or Terminal 3: Post 29


There are 276 fully licensed limousines that come to guarantee the security requirements. Travelers are also guaranteed with consistent and fair rates.

The rates are predetermined for the areas of the Great Toronto area (GTA). Fares outside of the city are available for destinations outside the GTA. For any area that is not included in the list, limousines are charged at $ 1.55 / km (Canadian dollar rate).

Due to the latest advances in fuel charges, Toronto Airport Limousine operators sometimes require a fuel surcharge and travel charges are made. But they are carried out according to what is indicated in the attached table based on the average price per liter of normal gasoline during the 90-day periods.

Travel with your pets

Well, yes, pets are not allowed normally. However, under certain circumstances, you can even make your pet travel with you. Let's do this a bit more clearly. Although city decrees have allowed drivers to choose to refuse passengers with animals, it is not applicable to those who have service animals.

Be cautious

However, it is recommended that passengers do not hire any driver requesting inside the terminals, or if they ask guests to continue to the parking lot or any other place for security reasons.

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