Enjoy adventure and luxury on the routes of Grand Canyon from Las Vegas


If you are thinking about booking adventure vacations, you probably do not care about some dirt and sleep in the open air, as long as you also visit some stunning places. But there is no reason why you can not combine it with a bit of luxury and there is no better way to do it than enjoying Grand Canyon visits from Las Vegas.

Choosing this adventure travel experience in the United States will allow you to see the two ends of the country, with the nights that go into their most attractive stays and visit one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

The Grand Canyon is on the list of obligatory visits of the most adventurous tourists, since it has a reputation deserved to be one of the most spectacular places that you can never wait for and to be an ideal place to enjoy the activities in the air free

This huge canyon has been making millions of years, since the Colorado River cut off a path through the already rugged landscape of Arizona. Now it has a length of 277 miles and a width of 18 kilometers and a mile of depth, but the figures can not begin to explain the scale: you really have to see the Grand Canyon closely to understand what an impressive sight is.

When you reach the natural attraction, you will find many ways to see it. Perhaps the best is also the easiest: hiking. A walk along the South Rim Trail will take you to some of the best viewpoints and, if you do your expedition correctly, you can also enjoy one of the magnificent sun or sunshine that the area is famous for.

If you spend a few days in the area, you can organize a walk through the Grand Canyon itself. There are a lot of trains that go from the bank to the river, but this trail will take you more than one day and you will have to find a suitable place to install the camp during the night. It is also important to check the National Park guards before leaving, as they will be able to indicate if the weather is suitable for running or not.

If you only spend a day or two at the Arizona attraction, there are other ways to get the most out of your visit. You can try the Grand Canyon Skywalk to experience the feeling of walking on a glass bottom observation platform about 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

But if you feel a bit more adventurous, you can book a flight over the Grand Canyon. There are a number of light aircraft operators that make routes, while booking a helicopter will make you jump through one of the most spectacular valleys.

Las Vegas is also an ideal base for exploring Monument Valley attractions. This part of the Navajo Nation reserve is famous for its sandstone grapes and joins thousands of tourists every year.

The size of the valley means that it is better to use a car to see the places of interest, but you do not have to stay on the roads. Book a Jeep tour and your guide will take you to the places of the most unusual stores and to the traditional camp of the Native Americans, where you can spend the night.

You probably also want to take time to try the delights of Las Vegas, instead of using it as a base to see the natural attractions of the area.

Sin City is different from any other place you never visit. Located in the middle of a desert, life began as a pioneering trail, but now it has become the most disastrous city in the United States, where planners and developers have almost completely forgotten the rules of taste and moderation .

The Las Vegas Strip is the home of many of the largest casino stations in the world, and even if you decide not to try to make a fortune on the poker table or on one of the multimillionaire slot machines, you'll surely find something . do. Casinos offer performances of some of the biggest stars in the world almost every night and also offer discos and restaurants.

And it's worth spending an hour or two walking on the Strip: after all, where you can see an artificial volcano, the largest in the world and a hotel designed to look like an Egyptian pyramid?