Grand Canyon Skywalk: how much does it really cost?


If you visit Las Vegas, the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon is an indispensable attraction. Entries for the Glass Bridge are approximately $ 25 per person. However, depending on how you get to the bridge, there are additional costs that you need to keep in mind. Here are the most common ones:

Parking fee

Grand Canyon West is 120 miles away from Las Vegas. The last 15 kilometers are on a brutal dirt road. High-resolution vehicles are recommended. There is a car park at the end of the road. Parking cost: $ 20

Price of the entrance of the park

The Skywalk is on the tribal ground of India Hualapai. To access it, you will have to buy a permit, known as the Legacy Pass:

  • Adults: $ 43.05
  • Children (3 to 11 years old): $ 35.03
  • Senior / military: $ 39.85

The Pass includes unlimited use of the shuttle service, which stops at Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch.

Billets Grand Canyon Skywalk

At the moment, tickets to Skywalk are:

  • Adults: $ 29.95
  • Children (3 to 11 years old): $ 22.46
  • Senior / military: $ 26.96

This gives you the right to unlimited daytime access to the bridge.


It is not allowed to bring any personal electronics to Skywalk, including digital cameras, cell phones and digital video recorders. Professional photographers are in the scene to take pictures. The cost per photograph is $ 30. Quality? Professional


The security cabinets for your personal belongings are $ 3.

Fuel recharges

This rate was added to bus and helicopter trips during the spike of gas prices in 2008. Most companies have resigned it. Be sure to read the small print.

The real cost

No matter how you cut it, your base cost to visit Grand Canyon Skywalk as an adult is:

Park ticket fee: $ 43.05 Skywalk Ticket: $ 29.95 Total: $ 73

If you rent a car, add the following costs:

Car rental (one day, sports utility vehicle): 60 dollars of gas (full tank): $ 50 Parking: $ 20 in total: $ 130

Many people choose to take a bus or helicopter tour from Las Vegas to Skywalk. Bus trips start at $ 95 (includes lunch, entrance fee in the park) and require that you only pay for your Skywalk ticket. Helicopter tours start at $ 350 and include the VIP entrance to the bridge and the entrance fee to the park. Bus trips have a full day; Helicopters need half a day. Most of these visits can be updated to include, among other things, a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon fund or a boat cruise with pontons on the Colorado River.

Skywalk quick facts

More than a million people have experienced the Glass Bridge since its inauguration in 2007. The structure is 70 feet away from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, and suspends the visitor to about 4,000 meters above the Colorado River. The bridge can support more than 800 people at a time, but the maximum capacity is 120 people. The driving time from Las Vegas lasts approximately 2.5 hours; The helicopter time is 45 minutes. Digital cameras are not allowed to prevent glass cups from being produced.


Buying a ticket to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a direct adventure. It's the way you choose to get to the Glass Bridge where you have to do the homework. The use of a rental car has some unique costs (car rental, gas, parking, etc.). The same thing happens with taking a bus or helicopter route from Las Vegas. Choose the one that best suits your travel budget. Then, go to Skywalk, one of the most popular trips and attractions in Las Vegas.